Every man a Minute Man

First off, why minutemen? I chose this phrase to model my life and my website after because I like the connection it has to the men who founded this great country. The minutemen were the best prepared men that fought in the revolution. They were prepared to respond in a “minutes” notice, hence the title. They were chosen from the local militia because of their extra preparedness and dedication to protecting their land and their freedoms. They were outfitted with the “very best equipment that could be found, including a musket, bayonet, hatchet, cartridge box, twenty-four rounds, powder horn, a lead bag, knapsack, and twelve flints.” They were to be “strictly a defensive unit, on standby alert, constantly ready to ‘take to the Field and act in Defense of the Providence on such sudden and extraordinary occasions.’” This was a wise decision. Once the British started to antagonize the colonists, being prepared in a moment’s notice kept them from being completely overrun by the larger British Army. After the battles of Lexington and Concord, Lieutenant General Percy of the British Army had this to say about the colonists in a written report. “Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about…” That’s quite a compliment from a British Commander. John R. Galvin, historical author, had this to say about the Minutemen. “In fighting the regulars the minute men fought their way into the hearts of Americans of all the following generations, and few are the calls of patriotic spirit that do not evoke the minute man as a symbol of preparedness. Perhaps if the minute man were better known for what he really was, it would be far easier to see that readiness means more than keeping one’s musket close at hand. It means, as the minute men knew, that the ready force must be well organized, well equipped, well trained, and mentally prepared to fight. The minute men were not the exception to the rule; on the contrary, they are among the best examples of the importance of military preparedness that the country has provided.” What a great historical example to emulate in our day and age.

I listened to a podcast the other day where the question was raised, “What’s the difference between men and boys?” The answer was, “Men are useful.” The answer has stuck with me. What makes a man useful? As compared to a boy who has nothing to offer, but instead just takes. I decided that to be useful, I needed to have knowledge, skills, and equipment that would allow me to be ready for any situation. On this website I’ll be discussing things I’ve learned, skills I’ve gained, gear I’ve used, and how we can be better prepared men to defend our land and our freedom. I hope to contribute something that can help you in your journey, and I hope to learn from those of you who have something to offer me. Together, we can become men who “Know what they are about.”

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