Being Ready at a Moment’s Notice

If you’ve dabbled in the preparedness community at all, you’ve most likely heard the acronym EDC. It stands for Every Day Carry. Essentially, what you keep on your person at all times. Something you use on a daily basis or is too critical to not have on you at all times. A lot of people, including me, split their Every Day Carry into two sections. The first is what they carry in their pockets, on a belt, etc. These items are typically the most used and/or most critical to have on hand. The second section would be an EDC bag. This would include items too big to carry on your person, and/or items that aren’t used as often but when they are needed nice to have readily available.

My Daily EDC

Here are some of the things I carry on me at all times. G-Shock watch. Gerber razor blade. ZT tanto folder knife. Streamlight Microstream USB Flashlight. Space Pen. Rite in the rain notebook. $100 emergency cash. Bandaids in my wallet. Glock 19 with extra mag, appendix carry.

I often use these items daily, except for the Glock. I Haven’t had a reason to use that thank goodness. But the Gerber, the watch, the flashlight, and space pen get used all the time. And bandaids in the wallet. That one has been so nice. I picked that up from a firearms mentor of mine, and I’m amazed at how often it comes in handy.

My EDC Bag

I take my EDC bag with me everywhere I go. I use a Vertx Gamut Plus bag. It’s the best option I have found to date. It is very well thought out. It has quite a bit of stuff packed into it. My wife makes fun of me often with my “school bag” going with me everywhere I go. I’m going to do a full review on the bag and what’s in it in a future post. But some of the main items in it that I don’t carry on my person include a leatherman, a Fenix flashlight, lockpick set, medical kit with tourniquets, ESEE 6 knife, firestarter, paracord, safety glasses, gloves, waterproof jacket, filtration bottle, emergency blanket, binoculars, hygiene, and a few more things. It’s come in handy multiple times. And it doubles as my get home bag if I was to get stuck out on the road and needed to rough it to get back home. Stay tuned for the full review.


If you’re new to this, don’t get overwhelmed. It’s so easy to go down the gear rabbit hole. Don’t do that. All in good time. The easiest thing to do is just pay attention to your daily routine. If you find yourself needing a certain tool or item often, make a note to include it in your edc. I believe a prepared man should always have a good blade, a flashlight, and some medical supplies on hand. I’ll be reviewing all the items mentioned here individually in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

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